Vibration Therapy Explained and Applied

In our fast paced world with all its technological marvels, we have come to expect that just thinking about it should bring about the change we seek. We have been taught to expect that our existence should be the way we want it and that it is a birthright to have it so. We chant, pray or wish for the change of our current state or issue and are disappointed if this change does not occur rather quickly.

Our western society has forgotten that this longing for a change needs to be followed up with appropriate action in order to become reality. Likewise we forget that often there is a time factor involved.

This thinking is particularly pervasive in health care. It has even infiltrated our profession of chiropractic, where we have been taught to identify a subluxation, then adjust and fix it.

Yet, for hundreds of years, many health practice and health care systems have shown us that the appropriate treatment needs to be followed up with the appropriate self care by the patient.

As far eastern modalities are concerned, there was a wonderful article recently written by Lama Somananda Tantrapa of Chi Dao tradition. Thousands of years ago, Chi Gong formed the foundation of oriental medicine.
All styles of Chi Gong work with Chi, the universal energy or what is considered to be the basis of life; therefore, energy awareness offers us the key to health, happiness and longevity. Most styles of Chi Gong use movements, breathing, meditation and visualization for the purpose of cultivating Chi. They are often taught through doing forms, or choreographed movements, that are to be memorized and repeated on a regular basis.

The Tibetan Shamanic form of Chi Gong, “Chi Dao”, encourages its practitioners to stay true to the universality of this energy art, exploring the ways to apply energy awareness to all spheres of life, from fighting to healing to daily life application. In contrast to doing any repetitive Chi Gong or Tai Chi forms, Qi Dao teaches us how to feel the flow of energy and how to be in the flow. The practice of Chi Dao includes no routines of repetitive movements that are supposed to manipulate or cultivate Chi.

Unlike acupuncturists, Chi Dao practitioners have no need for memorizing the myriad of acupuncture points and meridians; instead, they learn to navigate the energetic pathways by feeling the flow of Chi, using their personal observation and intuition. Free of any methods of manipulating others energy or directing it, Chi Dao teaches us that there is an abundant source of energy within everybody that can be tapped into by paying attention to the existing flow of Chi without any judgments. Empowering others to embody such an attitude became the hallmark of the new discipline is called Chi Dao Coaching. The flow of things, traditionally referred to as the Dao, makes no mistakes; therefore, Chi always flows as it should. Even if the energy doesn’t appear to flow as expected, it still flows somewhere as long as we are alive.”

Does this not sound similar to what we do in chiropractic: could this be compared to mobilizing the innate?
Having been in practice for over 25 years, I have come to the conclusion that there is a multitude of ways of enhancing this flow of energy. I also realize that there is something that needs to be done on a daily basis as part of proper action to follow it up.

Yet I know people’s lives get busy and people are just overwhelmed. This is where Whole Body Vibration comes in. Not only does this modality have  infraredsauna all the Health and Wellness Benefits from Exercise, it makes these changes accessible very quickly. Standing for 5-10 minutes a day, while doing a few movements to transfer the vibration of the machine into various body regions, increases the flow of freshly oxygenated blood into the tissues, enhances the lymphatic drainage and generally loosens things up. In other words, the body undergoes the stimulating changes of rapid acceleration/ deceleration, similar to running or being on a trampoline. More advanced users can even do resistive training on a WBV platform and stimulate the proprioceptive input into the vestibular system. It is very similar to doing Chi Gong or Tai Chi.

Even a year ago these type of units were so pricey, that they were of reach for most practitioners’ offices. Having this modality available for the broad consumer market was just unthinkable!

That is why I have decided to make a line of reasonably priced units. I wanted to make this technology available to chiropractors and their patients. Imagine that you have a WBV unit in your office and have every patient free up the flow their “Innate” or Qi before an adjustment! I do that in my office and the patients love it! Not only do they loosen up before the adjustment, but they love coming in a few minutes early to step onto the machine and get “going”

I know that when patients have access to that feeling in their home on a daily basis, it enhances what I do with the adjustments in my office? I have seen phenomenal changes in many of my patients! Not just in their physical pains- but in their willingness to commit to doing something on a daily basis to improving their lives! WBV is fast, effective, safe and best of all, it has now become affordable.

Please feel free to contact me and find out how to assist your patients by making Whole Body Vibration available to them!


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