Vape Pod Tricks: Mastering Impressive Vaping Techniques

Vape pod tricks are a fun way to take your vaping experience to the next level and impress your friends with your skills. While safety and responsible vaping should always be a priority, here are some vaping tricks you can practice and master:

  1. Basic O’s (Smoke Rings):
    • Form your lips into a tight “O” shape.
    • Exhale a small amount of uwell vape while gently coughing or pushing it out using the back of your throat.
    • Experiment with different mouth and tongue movements to control the size and speed of your rings.
  2. French Inhale:
    • Take a drag from your vape pod.
    • Let the vapor linger in your mouth without inhaling.
    • Slowly exhale, allowing the vapor to flow upward as you inhale it through your nose.
  3. Dragon Exhale:
    • Inhale a large amount of vapor.
    • Exhale forcefully through your nose and mouth simultaneously, creating the appearance of a dragon exhaling smoke.
  4. Ghost Inhale:
    • Take a drag and hold the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds.
    • Exhale a small amount of vapor and quickly inhale it back in, making it appear as though the vapor disappears and reappears.
  5. Bubbles:
    • Mix a small amount of dish soap with water in a cup.
    • Dip the wide end of a plastic bottle or a bubble wand into the soapy water.
    • Take a drag from your vape pod and blow the vapor through the soapy solution to create vapor-filled bubbles.
  6. Tornado or Twister:
    • Use a flat surface like a table or countertop.
    • Take a strong puff and exhale the vapor toward the flat surface.
    • Quickly flick your wrist upwards, creating a tornado-like swirl of vapor.
  7. Vape Rings Through Rings:
    • Create a large, slow-moving O ring.
    • Use your hand to gently guide a smaller O ring through the center of the larger one.
  8. Double or Triple Rings:
    • Practice creating multiple O rings in quick succession by pulsing your throat and tongue while exhaling.
  9. Jellyfish Trick:
    • Blow a single, thick O ring.
    • Use your hand to create a circular motion, pushing the O ring in one direction.
    • As the O ring drifts away, exhale a second, smaller O ring through the center of the first one, resembling a jellyfish.
  10. Vape Bending:
    • Create a vapor cloud by exhaling vapor onto a flat surface.
    • Use your hand to gently push and shape the vapor cloud into various shapes or patterns.
  11. Vape Tornados or Cyclones:
    • Exhale vapor horizontally in a continuous stream.
    • Use your hand to create circular motions around the vapor stream, forming a tornado or cyclone effect.
  12. Smoke Rings into a Cup or Glass:
    • Blow an O ring directly into a cup or glass and watch it fill up with vapor before dissipating.

Remember that mastering these tricks takes practice, and not all vape pods are suitable for producing thick, visible vapor. Additionally, always prioritize safety and responsible vaping, and be considerate of those around you when performing vape pod tricks.

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