Slow Network Solutions – How to Improve Network Speed and Enjoy High Surfing Speed

Does a slow network drive you mad? It takes more and more time to open a website completely or watch a video smoothly. What is wrong with the network? Today, this article will tell you how to fix this problem and improve network speed quickly.

The prerequisite is all the hardware working normally and you just need to solve slow network in terms of software problems.

1. At the very beginning, you should check how many firewalls and anti-virus software you have put into system because overprotection can add too much burden on network working. If there are really bunches of firewalls or anti-virus software, reduce them as soon as possible.

2. And here comes to scan and detect virus, especially Refurbished Laptops worms and Trojan which are the main causes of slow network. Do scan thoroughly.

If it cannot still work, it is necessary to check whether browser or system is running normally. Is there any malicious plug-in installed in the browser forcibly or incompatibility among application? To improve network speed, it requires you removing them respectively and go to registry to make them disappear entirely, network becomes fast again, it is no doubt that they are making troubles.

3. Insufficient system resource. You may load too many programs running in the background. To load them reasonably or remove unwanted programs and files are good methods to free up system resources. By doing this, it is easy to speed up network.

4. If it is still hard to surf quickly, you can use “Restore Point” of Windows system to make computer go back to normal state. Or enter into “Safe Mode” to use it. At last, if all the methods are in vain, reinstalling the system is also for your consideration.


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