Several Quick Methods Help You Identify Replica Handbags

Superstars and wealthy would be bored with designer handbags, but we ordinary people want to own one. Unfortunately, designer handbags are usually so expensive that we can’t afford them.

Many business persons and handbag makers have caught on this fact and they begin to produce counterfeits to make great profits. Some of the counterfeits are manufactured in a rough way and you can easily distinguish them, while others are the exact imitations of African luxury bag. They are sold cheaper than genuine designer handbags and it seems that you save lots of money, but the quality is not so good as real designer bag. Although the knockoffs look the same as authentic ones, there still have drawbacks and you can identify them. The following tips are some simple aspects that make you easily distinguish whether the bag is authentic designer handbag or just a knockoff.

Some people tell us that shopping handbags online is a good way to save money but the shortage of online shopping is we can’t touch the bag until we receive them. We judge the quality and authenticity intuitively. I have a practical method: if you are interested in a designer handbag, before you ordering it online, you can visit the designer company’s official website. Check out the features of the handbag and then examine the customer service section to see the designer’s description of differences between authentic designer bag and counterfeits.

Authentic designer handbags usually have specially symbols, for example, engraved gold padlock or imprinted name or logo in the lining. These features are hard to imitate. The interior pockets or pouches are sewn sturdy and carefully. Genuine handbags have tight stitches on their handles and trim, they are usually perfect handbags that have no flaw. On the contrary, replica handbags have rough stitching.

Some handbags are advertised to be “inspired by” renowned designers. Although they resemble genuine designer bags, they are counterfeits and there is no link between these handbags and renowned designers. You can judge this kind of handbags according to the price because knockoff handbags are less expensive than genuine ones.

It is undeniable that some counterfeiters are producing quality knockoffs which can be almost as durable and beautiful as genuine ones. But the cost such as material and advertisement of these knockoffs would be much cheaper. We are angry with these counterfeiters who charge replica handbags designer price to fool buyers. In order to buy a genuine designer handbag, you should order bags directly from the manufacturers’ dealers or official website.


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