Paint Protection in Perilous Precipitation – Protect Your Car’s Color in Winter

Most cars look pretty shabby in winter. It’s too cold to wash it frequently, there is road salt and mud everywhere, you’re happy if you can just scrape off some of the ice in the morning; we can barely keep up, let alone keep it looking nice. But come summer, you’ll wish you exerted a little more energy into maintaining your car’s looks, and in a few years, you’ll wish you did a little more to preserve its health. Here are a few tips to keep your car happy.

Clean your car at least once a month, if not more. It keeps the car tint finish from being slowly stained and keeps rust away. Automatic car washes are excellent for winter cleanings, are affordable, and are actually kind of fun to go through. They also have power-cleaning for the important bottom area of your car that is usually missed, even when the car is hand-washed-so when you drive into a car wash, drive in as slowly as possible to get the best cleaning for your undercarriage.

Wax your car as often as you wash it. Yes, it is a pain, but car washes are acceptable for this, also. It is not as good as waxing it by hand, but in the winter, it’s the most your car can ask. In fact, it is better to wax your car in the winter because the sunlight and heat are not intense as in the summer; this can cause the wax to bake on the car and become useless and even damaging. And be smart about waxing your car-use a good quality wax and wax pad. They are inexpensive and are sold at any grocery store. Never use anything like paper towels or old clothes; they might scratch your car and certainly won’t spread the wax as nicely. Never use dish-, bath-, or hand-soap when you wash your automobile; that is not what they’re meant for and will not do the job properly.

Have a paint sealant put on your car; a sealant is a liquid that changes into a solid to prevent impurities from penetrating the paint. If your paint is a bar, the sealant is the bouncer.

When scraping ice, never scrape any painted area, only the windows. When you brush most of the snow from your car and the painted area becomes exposed, don’t brush too hard. If you keep the car covered, not only will it keep other debris from the car but you will never have to worry about brushing or scraping. Just knock the snow from the cover, throw it in your trunk, and go.

A car bra is also an option to prevent scratches, but many think it looks tacky. Pick a good color in the first place-one that will not stain or show dirt easily. By following these steps, your car will look well and feel well years longer than it would otherwise.



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