Medical Assistant School May Be in Your Future

Do you find yourself stuck in a meaningless job, or worse, a going-nowhere career? Does helping others genuinely bring joy into your life? Would the dynamic work involved with a career in health and medicine entice you to make some career choice changes? An affirmative answer to one or more of these questions may indicate attending medical assistant school could be a great choice for your financial future.

As you consider making this career changing decision, understand those around you will likely wholeheartedly support your choices or throw up attempted roadblocks in an effort to keep you close to them. The good news? Considering such a life-changing choice comes with some built in support knowledge you can use in your defense.

One major defensive stand includes the rosy job outlook for Benzo Withdrawal medical assistants over the course of the next six years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, all indications exist that point to a massive growth in the need for well trained and certified health care practitioners, specifically medical assistants. By 2018 there should be more than a 30% increase in positions needing to be filled.

This one factor easily provides the safety net you will need to overcome most any objections. Another way to help convince those who love and care for you might include pointing out the locations of some leading medical assistant schools in the country. Some of the better career colleges have branches in numerous cities. They likely have a location relatively close to wherever you currently call home.

Even if you find it necessary to travel a bit in order to take advantage of this growing medical field, you won’t need to be away for very long. Many programs will have you certified and available for hire in less than nine months. And should you decide to finish an Associates Degree, that can be completed in less than a year and a half. These certifications and degrees will go quite a long way towards helping you not only get a secure position now, but to also prepare you for advancing faster in the medical and health industries.

Of course, you are going to get some questions asking about what sort of work assistants perform. You can confidently proclaim that the job duties are interesting and quite varied. Additionally, you will be trained in both clinical and administrative duties. And no, you can tell those detractors in your life, this is not about becoming a glorified secretary.

Most training programs now include an extensive computer education in order to fully operate the front office of a medical practice. As well, you will answer phones, greet patients, perform a variety of scheduling, billing and correspondence to help keep the practice’s business operations running smoothly.

On the clinical side, expect to participate in taking the histories of your medical patients as well as helping them to understand the doctor’s prognosis and treatment options. Of course, as the job name indicates, you assisting the medical professional will be one of the forefront duties you perform each day. You may even perform a variety of phlebotomy procedures like drawing blood and collecting patient samples for analysis.

By the end of the conversation you have with those who might question career choices, ask them how they feel when going to see their doctor. Did they have a good experience which might have included a thoughtful and caring graduate of a quality medical assistant school? Or were they hurriedly rushed through the system, possibly even treated in rude manner? Let your loved ones know you plan to be the former and not the latter.


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