Luxury Real Estate Victoria BC

Luxury real estate in Victoria, BC, is truly some of the very best on earth. Macleans magazine selected Victoria as the number one city in Canada in which to relocate a family business. Conde Nast Traveler magazine voted Victoria the best over-all city in Canada for its environment and ambiance. In Warren R. Bland’s book Retire in Style, he ranks Victoria, BC, as the #1 retirement destination of the sixty cities he investigated throughout the US and Canada.

What’s so special about luxury real estate in Victoria, BC? Victoria is a waterfront community located on the US/Canada border that was named for Queen Victoria. It is the capital city of British Columbia, as well as Western Canada’s oldest city. It is brimming with distinguished Edwardian architecture, which greatly contributes to the city’s unique charm and character. Furthermore, Victoria is home to 78,000 people, largely dominated by its diverse immigrant and retiree population.

real estate in Victoria, BC, from other places is its ideal climate. Victoria is temperate with both mild winters and summers. It is commonplace to see both palm trees and pine trees in beautiful, lush Victoria. If you are concerned about Victoria’s proximity to rainy Seattle, don’t worry. Victoria gets 1/3 of the precipitation that the Emerald City does. Additionally, the rain shadow effect ensures that Victoria gets more sunshine than surrounding areas. All of this means that golf is year-round in luxurious Victoria, BC.

If your idea of luxury real estate riviera Nayarit includes culture, art, civic involvement, and some night life, Victoria, BC, delivers yet again. Whether you’re off to watch the Victoria Symphony or the Royal Theatre, you’re in for a treat. You might take a class or watch a sporting event at the acclaimed University of Victoria. You might check out one of the local farmer’s markets, the Ballet Victoria, the Victoria Philharmonic Choir, Filberg Art Show, or Pacific Opera Victoria. Victoria also has a bustling antiques and collectibles market. Additionally, you can visit Beacon Hill Park, the Olympic mountain range, the Victoria Bug Zoo, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, or the Royal London Wax Museum.

Whether you are dreaming of a 10-acre waterfront paradise with a tennis court and pool or an urban, high-rise penthouse suite, the luxury real estate opportunities in Victoria, BC, are plentiful. Practically every little piece of land in Victoria has a breath-taking view of mountains, ocean, or both. Private boat docks and even private islands are not out of the question. If you are looking for quiet solitude, countryside, waterfront chic, an easy, breezy condominium, or classy and conservative, it’s on the market in Victoria. Whether you are motivated by making a sound investment, buying your dream house, or both, the luxury real estate in Victoria, BC, can compete with that in any city in any country.

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