How to Choose Suitable Sunglasses For Friends As Christmas Gifts

Sunglasses of famous brands continue to maintain a large frame mode this year. Butterfly-shaped and square-shaped are the most popular. So if you are wondering what kind of present to choose for your friends this Christmas, then a pair of unique prescription sunglasses with high quality could be the best choice. The key is how to choose the most suitable ones for your dear friends.

The following are some tips for choosing sunglasses, hoping they can help you in some way. And I also hope you enjoy this post. Please let me know what you think in the comment section.

  1. Oval face

Broad-frame sunglasses are the most appropriate to oval face, as the face looks wider wearing such kind and it helps to shorten the length of the face. Fine-edge or metal-frame cool sunglasses are not good choices. Short bead necklace, round-collar clothing and the right sunglasses type will make the face relatively round and add beauty.

  1. Square face

A square face gives people the feeling of toughness feeling, so avoid the election of square-frame sunglasses and choose those with big round frames and the edge should be wide. Sunglasses with elegant edge will not be so commensurate. In addition to sunglasses, doing the hair highly up will make the square face slender and narrower in vision. In addition, the wearing of round or shaking earrings will turn others’ attention to the under part of the face so a square face will appear slender.

  1. Round face

Round-frame prescription sunglasses are not suitable for a round face. Round frames or round earrings will emphasize the roundness of the face. Therefore, people with round faces should choose wide-frame prescription sunglasses and avoid the round, light or naive-type ones. Bead earrings, bead chains and round-collar clothes are wise choices to a round face, and the best option is a long necklace or V-collar clothes.

  1. Heart-shaped face

A heart-shaped face usually has a sharp chin and wide forehead, too big or too broad frame sunglasses will make the facial contour appear more spacious and the jaw line smaller at the tip. So the people with such kind of face should avoid wearing sunglasses whose frame is upward tilt on both sides, as it will only emphasize the sharpness of the chin. People of heart-shaped faces are advised to wear sunglasses of lightweight texture and polygonal shapes for they will help form a harmoniously beautiful outline of face in vision.

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