Gym Vs Home Exercise

Many times people ask which is better, training in a gym or at home? Well, the answer depends upon the individual. What works well for one person may be a disaster for another. Both have their pros and cons, but it is important to identify which you are best suited for before making a commitment to either purchase equipment or to join a gym.

To begin, you should ask yourself some basic questions to get some idea of what will work before delving into which equipment to buy or which gym to join. Listed below are some questions to ask yourself to help get you thinking along the right lines:

· Do you find it difficult getting motivated to workout?
· Are you embarrassed to workout in front of others?
· Is your schedule very limited?
· Can you dedicate enough time to drive to a gym and still have time to exercise?
· Do you have children to young to be left alone?
· Is there a gym near you that is convenient?
· What is your budget?

Starting out by asking yourself these basis questions should help you to identify which would work better for you. For starters, if it is difficult for you to get motivated to exercise, you may want to consider joining a gym. From personal experience I have found that it can be very motivating to be around other people who are exercising. On the other hand, if you can find a training partner outside of a gym, you and your partner can motivate one another.

Secondly, if you often feel embarrassed or self-conscious exercising in front of others, then I would highly suggest starting out by training at home, and maybe later, after you are more comfortable with the idea, move into a gym environment if you still feel strongly about it.

Third, if your schedule is very limited, you may find it easier to train at home. That way you are eliminating the time allocated to driving to and from the gym, as well as the time that you may have to wait to use a particular machine if you choose to join a busy gym, or train at their peak hours.

Fourth, be sure and take into consideration your home environment. If you have small children that require watching, it may simply be easier to train at home where you can keep an eye on your children, while saving yourself the money that you have spent on a baby-sitter. On the other hand, getting away for your own sanity may be just what you need-some gyms even offer daycare facilities.

Fifth, don’t forget location. Is there even a gym near your home or work that is convenient for you? Remember to figure what time of day you will be exercising and if it is before work, will you be showering at the gym and then proceeding straight to work? In that case, make sure the facility you choose has showers. You should also consider training on you lunch break. You may work for a company that provides a corporate gym on site or offers a corporate package to a gym outside of the company.

And last, what does your budget allow? If you choose to join a gym, do your research. Gym memberships can be almost as complicated as buying a Medicine ball vs slam ball new car. Make sure you are getting exactly what you need and are not paying for additional benefits that you will not use. Nowadays, excellent home gyms are available that offer a variety of exercises. Fitness Warehouse (Busy Body Home Fitness) offers excellent customer service and if you are planning to train from home and are in the market for a home gym, I highly recommend checking them out.

Hopefully this has shed some light on the dilemma between joining a gym and training at home. Obviously, the questions I discussed were only a few of a possible many, and so I encourage each individual to do his or her own research and evaluation of their particular situation before making any hasty decisions one way or the other. Make your decision carefully!

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