BFPO Connections: Linking Loved Ones through Care Packages


“BFPO Connections” is a heartwarming initiative dedicated to creating care packages that serve as tangible links between our brave servicemen and servicewomen and their loved ones. These carefully curated packages go beyond physical items, fostering a sense of connection, love, and support from families and communities. Here’s a guide to crafting care packages that serve as meaningful connections for our British Forces.

Personalized Letters and Family Updates

Begin the care package with personalized letters and family updates. Encourage loved ones to share news, anecdotes, and messages of love, creating a direct and emotional connection that transcends the distance between the military and home.

Shared Photos and Memories

Include family photos, shared memories, or small keepsakes that carry sentimental value. These items serve as visual reminders of the love and connection that transcends the physical separation, fostering a sense of closeness.

Coordinated Care Packages

Coordinate Care packages with multiple contributors, involving family members, friends, and community members. Each contributor can add personal touches, creating a collaborative effort that reinforces the network of support surrounding our servicemen and servicewomen.

Surprise Tokens of Affection

Add surprise tokens of affection, such as small gifts, trinkets, or handwritten notes. These unexpected additions convey love and thoughtfulness, creating moments of joy and surprise for our troops.

Shared Hobbies and Interests

Incorporate items related to shared hobbies or interests. Whether it’s a book, a puzzle, or a small accessory, these items reflect the personal connections and shared passions that persist despite the geographical separation.

Cozy Comforts from Home

Include cozy comforts like blankets, pillows, or clothing items that provide physical warmth and a sense of familiarity. These items offer a touch of home, enveloping our servicemen and servicewomen in the comfort of their loved ones.

Collaborative Art Projects

Engage in collaborative art projects where families and communities create handmade artworks, banners, or drawings to include in the care packages. These community-driven creations serve as expressions of collective support and creativity.

Video Messages and Recordings

Incorporate video messages or recorded messages from family members. In the digital age, technology allows for personal connections beyond written messages, creating a more immersive and personal experience for our troops.


“BFPO Connections” care packages are designed to be more than parcels – they are channels of love, support, and connection. By including personalized letters, shared photos, coordinated contributions, surprise tokens, shared hobbies, cozy comforts, collaborative art projects, and video messages, these packages become bridges that link our servicemen and servicewomen with the love and support of their families and communities. Through “BFPO Connections,” we aim to create enduring links that strengthen the bond between the British Forces and the people they hold dear.

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